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Weekly Service

Sundays 10:00AM

at Discover Church Online

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Q 01: What is the Dream Team?

It’s actually the most literal name ever. The Launch Team is an ever-growing team of amazing people who feel connected to the vision and heart of Discover Church and who have committed to helping us launch this new life-giving church in Lodi. Our goal is to build this team as big as possible from now until January.

Q 02: Can I be on the Dream Team?

Absolutely! We would be honored to serve our amazing city alongside you. We are praying daily for God to bring a passionate, faith-filled, unified group of people together who are committed to seeing people in Lodi take a step towards Jesus. YOU could be an answer to those prayers.

Q 04: What do we ask of our Dream Team?

First, prayerfully consider if you are to be a part of our team. If this is something you feel connected to and ready to commit to, let us know! We truly can’t wait to get to know you and build with you!

Second, jump in with a heart ready to serve and ready to build! The best way to get to know others and grow as an individual is by being at Team Nights and other events we host.

Third, commit yourself to the process. You’ll get out what you put in and those who thrive are the ones who make the effort necessary to enjoy the benefits of being a part of a vibrant team and community.

Q 05: Can I invite other people to check out Discover?

OF COURSE! We would love that, in fact.

Q 06: How can I get more info or join the Dream Team?

You can email our team at or fill out the form below and we will connect you with someone from our team to answer any questions you might have about being a part of Discover.

We look forward to hearing from you!



You will hear from us shortly!

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